Is anyone still alive?

3 07 2015

Wow… it’s been 5 years since I posted to this site. I decided recently to get on Club Penguin to see what all changed and I have to say, it’s completely different. I feel as though no one is actually here but we’ll have to see.Bac

– Redfooteye


Back, Explaination.

19 09 2012

Hey guys, I’m actually planning, as compared to the past 3 attempts, to actually be back this time. I know if I get a fanbase behind me, this can be done. We will revolutionize Club Penguin, and what it means to be a famous penguin. You can probably catch me on Sleet at the dock. If you want to contribute to the site you can reach me at “”, or leave a comment below. I’m back this time for good. Let’s do this.

That’s All For Now! So Until Then, Keep Waddlin’ Back!


Legends (PREVIEW)

18 09 2012

Legends, as far as Club Penguin goes, are something that have almost been a thing of the past. Think about it, the yellow puffle, gone. Ninjas, established. Every other color puffle, done. There’s almost nothing left to hide. I think the fine folks over at Club Penguin need to establish more mythology behind their game. They’ve gone to the well enough times to the point where it’s dry, however they have the power to refill that well. I came up with three more legends that Club Penguin could use.

1. Rockhopper Island:

One of the few remaining myths/legends left in the game, this could defiantly spark some interest, and get the older crowd back into it for nostalgic sake. I know I’ve always wondered where he goes, and I’m sure some of the younger crowd is too.



Catch Me On Sleet!

17 09 2012

Trying to make a comeback and a big splash. Hit me up with a friend request “dart211”. I’ll actually try to be back this time.



13 07 2011

I could of seen this coming from a mile away. I just never thought the changes would be this drastic. Things I thought were untouchable, like the map, and even the face of the puffles, along with the card we used to feed them with. It’s complicated, and a pain in the ass.

They map is also completely changed. I don’t see what was wrong with the old map, or that just may be me. The map does actually work for the most part, as it gives good separation, and organization between things. There aren’t really many flaws with it either, and to be fair, I actually don’t think it’s that bad.

The new Club Penguin Map

So that’s that, and I just wanted to get that out of the way. Due to a crappy computer, I haven’t been able to post, or even be on Club Penguin for the past few months. Also, I am still looking for someone to take this site over with me. Leave a comment if intrested.


Return of the Sports Stadium

1 08 2010

Hello! Recently, my friend Redfooteye published certain things about Club Penguin physics. It made me think about the sports center, which is the soccer field now, if they can fix up that a little more, it can become an awesome place to be.

Now I’m not talking, enhance the soccer or hockey so it competes with NHL 11, I would just like them to fix the constant glitch of the ball getting stuck. Also, if penguins are not playing, could they please go sit in the stands? I might be asking a little much when I said to increase the puck or ball physics, because EA’s NHL 11 is trying to get that right with their game. But if you could Club Penguin, at least fix the ball getting stuck in the net.

Also the soccer rink is awful. The nets are glitched beyond reason. They use the same net sizes as the ice rink, but make them physically bigger. However, I really want to talk about the stadium though. I could be a great chance for a new game, that enhances those physics, and gives the players lines. And a chance to play 5.V.5 against other penguins. The game could be kept score, and have goalies. If they made the game, and made it available to all players, this could make the stadium the new dock.

That reason up there, is something I really would like to see. The dock overturned by the stadium. Even though it could mean a lot more people sitting in the center of the field, it could also make more amazing games, and make use of the vendors on the sides. Club Penguin has yet to bring back the ice rink for quite some time, even when Kane was celebrating with the Stanley Cup. I would love to see the ice rink come back, and have all the cool features and detail as the soccer rink.

If Club Penguin is going to ditch their sport, for soccer, I will not be happy. This could be due to soccer being the more popular sport in the United States. As far as being played in my school, I have my group of friends that play hockey, and then my 100 others that play soccer. Club Penguin is bringing back the ice rink hopefully soon, probably at the start of hockey season.

The soccer stadium is loaded with detail in the stands, and it’s a shame that not many penguins come into the stadium. Club Penguin has introduced many cool rooms that haven’t been here before, yet aren’t the spot to be. The stage is awesome for many penguins, but no one just goes there to chill. The sports stadium is an amazing place to be in Club Penguin, and I really hope that more people would go there on a daily basis.


Why I Do This

31 07 2010

I was put into a state of shock today! A penguin claimed to visit my site often, came up to me and said, “You’re Dart?” I said yes, of course, and was excited. She seemed almost nervous, excited, and any other emotion you can fit in there. So I dedicate this to all my fans, to that penguin, and to all of my friends epically.

Why do I sit?
Why waste time?
Try to make words rhyme
After all not like anyone’s here
No ones hear to listen
But yet I sit here and glisten
The suns baking
I’m shaking under this pressure
If only I could lesser the quota
As I sit drinking this soda
Lingering on a topic
As I finally pick
My mind plays a trick
And makes me blind
As it takes me for a wind
But this time I find a different step
I kept my cool
But looked like a fool
It doesn’t matter because I know it’s all cool
I have my friends and fans
Who will never come
To an end or bend.